dakshinamurtiviracita uddharakosha

Uddharakosha is a Sanskrit text attributed to sage Dakshinamurti. It is a collection of quotes from various tantric texts and agamas that describe mantras and codewords for bijas (mystical syllables) used in them.

The Sanskrit original of the text,
named dakshinamurtiviracita uddharakosha
is quoted from the book
dakshinamurti uddharakosha
by Prof. Raghu Vira and Shodo Taki, M.A.,
published by Munshiram Manoharlal in 1938.

The text deals primarily with mantras related to meditation on Tripurasundari and her various aspects or forms:

Each form has it's own mantra. These mantras are known as ten mahavidyas.

An excellent online resource on these mantras is Mantras and Vidyas by Mike Magee.

Here may be found the following files:

  • Uddharakosha -- translation of the first chapter as PDF file (size 260K)
  • Dictionary of codewords in Harvard-Kyoto transliteration
  • Dictionary of codewords in ITRANS transliteration
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